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How big is a dump truck?

dump truck

An end dump truck is a typical engineering vehicle used for cargo transportation and unloading. An end dump truck is a vehicle that unloads goods through hydraulic cargo mechanical lifting. The loading compartment can tilt over a certain angle to unload. All in all, it will save unpacking time and labour. Besides, it will also…

What size trailer is best for car hauling?

Car Carrier Trailer

Selecting the right size trailer for car hauling is a crucial decision. It can impact the efficiency and safety of the transporting processes. Whether you’re a professional car haulier or an individual, it’s essential. When looking to transport your vehicle, you should consider many factors. First, you should consider the type of vehicles you intend…

What Is the Meaning of Reefer Container?

refrigerated container

Introduction The global economy relies on the efficient transportation of goods across vast distances. Given that, many kinds of specialized equipment came into being. Among these, reefer containers can maintain the temperature of the cargo. Thus, this refrigerated container is vital for transporting perishables, food, and medicine. In this paper, we will explore the meaning…

What is a Lowboy Trailer?

lowboy trailer

Lowboy semi-trailer is one of the low bed semi-trailers. A low-bed semi-trailer is a type of trailer that has a chassis that allows cargo to be at a lower height. People usually use low-bed trailers to transport a variety of machinery and equipment. It includes mining machines, forestry machines, agricultural machines (such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes,…

How Well Are You Acquainted with Skeleton Trailers?

skeleton trailers

The Skeleton trailers specialize in transporting various-sized containers as a new dedicated mobility tool. Its main feature is a structurally stable chassis, which enables the safe loading and transport of containers. This stable skeleton structure plus twist lock design can better load and fix the container. Therefore, such trailers often appear in terminal transportation and…

The Advantages of Using Refrigerator Trailers for Special and Efficient Transportation

Refrigerator Trailer

The refrigerator trailers belong to a kind of semi-trailer, including fresh and frozen. It mainly comprises a trailer chassis, heat preservation compartment, refrigeration device and accessories. We can equip them with ventilation devices, refrigeration devices, shelves, fixed devices, and so on for different needs.   How much do you know about refrigerated semi-trailers? Let’s decipher…

Transportation efficiency of removable gooseneck low bed trailer

Removable Gooseneck Trailer

A low-bed semi-trailer is a type of trailer that has a chassis that allows cargo to be placed at a lower height. Low-bed trailer is used to transport a variety of machinery and equipment, including mining machines, forestry machines, agricultural machines (such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, etc.) and other heavy and oversized objects or steel….

Flatbed Semi Trailer: The Backbone of Modern Transportation

Flatbed Semi-Trailers

Flatbed semi trailer, seemingly ordinary transportation tools, play an indispensable role in modern society. They act as bridges, connecting origins with markets production with consumption. Next, we will dissect their structure, design features, and applications in various fields such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics. We will also discuss their advantages and disadvantages, ensuring safe…

What is a Side Tipper Trailer?

Side tipper trailer

A Dump Tipper Trailer is a semi-trailer for loading and unloading goods, with a hydraulic system installed to unload goods quickly. Dump Tipper Semi-trailer is a type of semi-trailer where the chassis and box are connected. It must be with precise cutting construction and welding techniques to ensure the strength and stability of the semi-trailer….