20ft container

The 20ft container is a standard-sized international container characterized by standardization of its size and design for efficient and reliable cargo storage and transportation in international freight and logistics. This type of container is usually made of sturdy steel or aluminium alloy to ensure the safety and integrity of the internal cargo.

This standard-size 20ft container is widespread in international freight transportation, and it is easy to stack and transport, ensuring the safety of goods, which is an indispensable part of global trade. This also makes them a convenient and reliable way of international cargo transportation.

Size standards

The standard dimensions for a 20ft container are 20 feet long (approximately 6.1 meters), 8 feet wide (approximately 2.44 meters), and 8 feet 6 inches high (approximately 2.59 meters). The size standard of a 20ft container is carefully formulated according to international agreements and industry standards to ensure its universality and compatibility in international cargo transportation and logistics.

Cargo capacity

A 20ft container typically has a closed, dry cargo space that can accommodate a large amount of cargo, with a capacity typically of 20 feet or approximately 6 cubic meters or more. This makes it a widely used choice for the transportation of various goods.


This type of container is suitable for different types of goods, including general cargo, food, industrial equipment, electronic equipment, dangerous goods, etc., and therefore has a wide range of applications in the field of international freight.


The stackability of a 20ft container is ensured through various measures such as standardized design, structural strength, locking devices, and safety standards. This characteristic enables them to effectively save space and improve logistics efficiency in container stacking, storage, and transportation.

Standardized design

The design of this container has been standardized to ensure that it can be used in various transportation modes, including cargo ships, trains, trucks, and stackers.

Structural Durability

20ft containers typically have sturdy steel or aluminum alloy structures to resist the impact of adverse weather, physical damage, and other external factors on the cargo.