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Terminal Trailer

Terminal trailer is a special type of container transport trailer. They are common in internal transportation and handling of goods in cargo distribution centres, ports, warehouses and extensive logistics facilities. This kind of trailer usually has the characteristics of high mobility and convenient loading and unloading. Therefore, they can adapt to the loading, unloading, arrangement and movement of goods in a limited space. Its design and functionality can improve cargo distribution efficiency and reduce cargo detention time.

Terminal trailer is a special type of trailer to move cargo within locations such as cargo distribution centers, ports, warehouses, and large logistics facilities. These trailers often have a special design that allows them to operate in tight spaces and provide a high degree of maneuverability. Therefore,  they facilitate the loading, unloading, transportation and arrangement of cargo. Terminal trailers are typically used to move cargo from a vehicle (such as a truck, ship, or train) to a warehouse, storage area, or other internal location to meet cargo distribution needs. Such trailers play an important role in logistics and distribution, helping to optimize the flow and management of goods.

High mobility

Terminal trailers are highly maneuverable and can operate in narrow aisles and stacking areas. They usually have a small turning radius to allow for quick turns.

Cargo moving

Terminal trailers are used to move cargo, moving them from one location to another, or taking them off ships, trains, or trucks and moving them to warehouses or distribution areas.

Efficient cargo distribution

This kind of trailer helps improve the efficiency of cargo distribution in cargo distribution centers and ports, reduce cargo detention time, and speed up the flow of cargo.

Multi-scene application

Terminal trailer is widely used in various places such as cargo distribution centers, ports, warehouses, manufacturing, logistics centers, large supermarkets and distribution centers to facilitate the internal transportation and loading and unloading of goods.