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Fence Trailer

Fence Trailer is a specially designed trailer that features detachable or retractable fence structures on the sides and rear of the trailer. These fences can secure goods to trailers. At the same time, it provides additional safety and protection to prevent them from sliding, tipping, or being damaged during transportation. Besides, they can transport various types of goods. These include wood, building materials, furniture, mechanical equipment, waste, agricultural products, and other goods. The fence structure comprises metal or synthetic materials. In short, they have durability and strength to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

This trailer is standard for transporting wood, building materials, agricultural products, machinery, waste, furniture, and other large, disorderly, or irregularly shaped goods. For this reason, the presence of fences helps stabilise the trailer’s cargo. In addition, they can prevent it from sliding, tipping, or damaging during transportation. The design of this trailer makes it very suitable for loading and unloading goods. Because the fence can easily open or disassemble, providing convenience for rapid loading and unloading of goods. This type of trailer is common in the logistics and transportation industry, providing flexibility and additional safety for transporting various types and sizes of goods.

Special fence structure

The most prominent feature of Fence Trailer is that the trailer is surrounded by fences which can be detachable, allowing for loading and unloading of goods, as well as providing safe fixation of goods.


Fence Trailer is suitable for various types of goods, including but not limited to wood, building materials, agricultural products, mechanical equipment, waste products, and furniture. This versatility makes it widely used in various industries.

Cargo support and protection

Fencing provides additional support to help prevent cargo from sliding, tipping, or damage during transportation. This is particularly important for large, bulky, or irregularly shaped goods.

Efficient cargo transportation

This trailer design helps improve the safety and stability of goods, reduce the risk of damage or loss, and improve the overall quality of goods.