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Special Trailer

Special Trailer is a trailer designed for different transportation needs. They have versatility and special functions to meet the special requirements of various goods and industries. They are vital tools in logistics and transportation to ensure the safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation of goods.

This trailer is a trailer designed specifically for specific transportation needs. They are typically customized based on differences in cargo type, size, special requirements, and transportation methods. The design and functionality of these trailers can meet different transportation challenges, including temperature control, automotive transportation, liquefied natural gas, and more.

Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigered Trailer is a specially designed trailer that is equipped with refrigeration equipment to maintain the quality and safety of temperature sensitive goods in a specific low-temperature environment during transportation. The Refrigerated Trailer is equipped with a refrigeration unit, usually a mechanical compression refrigeration unit or a liquid nitrogen refrigeration unit, to maintain a low-temperature environment inside the trailer. This allows the trailer to maintain the freshness of the cargo within a specific temperature range. Refrigered Trailer is used to transport various temperature sensitive goods, including food (fresh food, frozen food), pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical supplies, and other products that require temperature control. These trailers typically have a sealed design to prevent external air from entering the cargo box, while also preventing the odor and humidity of the cargo from leaking to the outside world. Cargo boxes usually have isolation layers to provide better insulation. Refrigered Trailer plays a key role in the food supply chain, used in food production, distribution, supermarkets, catering industry, and catering services. In addition, they are also used for transporting temperature sensitive products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical industries.

Car Carrier Trailer

Car Carrier Trailer is a special Trailer specifically designed for transporting cars and other vehicles. The main function of these trailers is to transport multiple vehicles in a safe, efficient, and large-scale manner. Motor transport trailers typically have a multi-layer platform structure, allowing them to transport multiple vehicles simultaneously. These platforms typically have adjustable heights to accommodate different types and sizes of cars. These trailers are usually equipped with fixed equipment such as vehicle locking devices, cables, chains, and wheel clamps to ensure that the transported vehicle remains securely fixed during transportation. These trailers are widely used in car manufacturing, car sales, rental companies, and transportation companies. They are used to transport new cars from manufacturing plants to dealerships, used cars to the market, or to distribute rental vehicles to rental branches. The use of Car Carrier Trailer helps to improve transportation efficiency, reduce driving mileage and wear, reduce fuel consumption, and thus reduce transportation costs. In summary, a car transport trailer is a type of trailer specifically designed for large-scale, efficient, and safe transportation of multiple vehicles. They play a crucial role in the automotive industry, promoting operations in automotive manufacturing, sales, leasing, and logistics. The versatility and safety of these trailers make them an indispensable part of the automotive supply chain.

LNG/CNG Trailer

The LNG/CNG Trailer is equipped with special storage containers for safe storage of LNG or CNG, which are usually made of high-strength materials to withstand extremely low temperatures and high pressures. These trailers are usually equipped with refueling or gas supply equipment to transport LNG/CNG from the trailer to the corresponding gas refueling station or end user. LNG/CNG Trailer is used for natural gas transportation and supply, typically transporting LNG/CNG between cities, industrial areas, and natural gas refueling stations. In summary, the LNG/CNG Trailer is a trailer specifically designed for the transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). They play an important role in the supply chain of natural gas transportation and refueling stations, helping to promote the use of clean energy and reduce dependence on traditional fuels. The design and equipment of these trailers ensure the safe and effective transportation of LNG/CNG.