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Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailer is a truck trailer to transport various goods and has a completely flat working floor. An open cargo transport platform, usually without cargo boxes or covering structures. This type of trailer has a flat cargo support surface. This surface is usually made of metal materials such as steel. It can support various cargoes such as large equipment, lumber, steel, construction materials, containers, etc.

Flatbed trailer is a special type of truck trailer that features a flat, open cargo support platform. This kind of platform is usually made of different types of steel as raw materials and is used to support various types, sizes and shapes of cargo, such as large equipment, lumber, steel, construction materials, heavy machinery, containers, etc. These trailers often work with different types of towing vehicles to meet diverse cargo transportation needs, offering flexibility, versatility, and easy loading and unloading of cargo.

Flat Working Deck

The main feature of a flatbed trailer is its flat cargo support surface with no cargo box or covering structure. This provides flexibility for transporting cargo of various sizes and shapes.


They are suitable for a variety of different types of cargo, including extra-long, extra-wide, extra-height or irregular-shaped cargo. This makes them a preferred choice in several industries, such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics.

Fastening System

Flatbed trailers are usually equipped with cargo fastening points, such as lashings, ropes, or chains, to securely secure the cargo to ensure that the cargo does not move or slip during transportation.

Various Transportation

They come in different sizes and load capacities to accommodate different types of cargo. Some trailers can also be used for special transportation needs, such as overweight or special loads.

Easy Loading

Due to its open structure, loading and unloading cargo on a flatbed trailer is relatively easy because there are no cargo box walls or coverings to restrict cargo access.