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Modular Trailer

A modular trailer is a special type of trailer. They are common to transport oversized, heavy, or irregularly shaped cargo. Unlike traditional trailers, customers can tailor it in length and load capacity by connecting multiple modules. This type of self-propelled transport equipment usually consists of multiple tires, axles, engines, control systems and modular work platforms that can be configured according to the requirements of specific transport tasks.

This kind of trailer is a trailer system with adjustable modules and components that can be used to transport oversized and extra-heavy cargo to meet different cargo size and weight requirements. It is a versatile, flexible and efficient transportation solution suitable for the transportation needs of various large and special cargoes. It is mainly used in heavy cargo transportation, shipping, oil and gas industry, construction industry and other fields.


The different parts of a modular trailer often need to be coordinated to ensure they can connect together properly. This includes attachment points, locking mechanisms and stability measures to ensure the individual modules are securely fastened together. This coordination allows different modules to be assembled and disassembled quickly and safely to accommodate different cargo sizes and weights.


The versatility of a modular trailer means it can be used to transport many different types of cargo, including large equipment, machinery, construction materials, freight containers, military equipment and more. Different modules and configurations are available to meet the needs of different cargoes.

High Load Capacity

Modular trailers often have a reinforced structure and chassis to withstand the load of high-weight cargo. These trailers can often carry hundreds of tons or more, depending on the type and configuration of the trailer.


Modular trailers are typically designed with good stability to reduce the risk of overturning during turns or unexpected situations. This includes chassis and wheel layout, a low center of gravity, and specialized stability control equipment.

Cost savings

The high carrying capacity of modular trailers means that large amounts of cargo can be carried in one shipment, avoiding the need for batch shipments and multiple round trips. This reduces the frequency of transportation and lowers fuel and labor costs.