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Bulk Powder Trailer

Bulk powder trailer is a special type of cargo transport trailer. These cargos typically include dry, non-liquid substances such as cement, flour, fertilizers, mineral powders, grains, chemicals, etc. The design focus of these trailers is to ensure that these materials are free from damage or contaminants during loading, transportation, and unloading. Therefore, it maintains their quality and applicability.

They can transport bulk powder goods such as cement, fertilizers, flour, mineral powders, chemicals, etc. These trailers are equipped with enclosed storage containers or non-enclosed mixers to help maintain the quality and purity of the goods. These semi-trailers also involve efficient unloading systems, ensuring that powder goods can be quickly and accurately unloaded to their destination.

Closed storage container

Bulk powder trailers are equipped with closed storage containers to effectively prevent external factors such as moisture, pollutants, or adverse weather conditions from affecting powder materials.

Unloading System

These trailers are specially designed with efficient unloading systems to ensure that powder materials can be quickly and accurately unloaded to their destination, such as construction sites, factories, or storage facilities. The unloading system typically includes pneumatic or hydraulic unloading equipment to achieve high-speed and precise unloading processes.

Safety characteristics

Safety is one of the core considerations in the design of bulk powder trailers. These trailers are usually equipped with sealing systems, filters, air pressure monitoring devices, and other equipment to ensure that there are no material leaks, dust spills, or other safety issues during transportation.


Bulk powder trailers are very suitable for various types of bulk powder materials, such as cement, flour, fertilizers, ores, food ingredients, and chemicals. They are widely used in different industrial fields to meet the transportation needs of materials.

Cleaning and maintenance

Considering that different types of materials may remain inside trailers, these trailers are usually designed with structures that are easy to clean and maintain to ensure that cross contamination between different materials does not occur.