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Lowboy Trailer

A Lowboy Trailer is a special type of cargo transport trailer whose design features a relatively low chassis, usually below the trailer tires. This enables lowboy trailers to effectively transport extra-height, heavy and large cargo. This includes construction equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other towering cargo.

The design of a lowboy trailer makes it ideal for transporting tall, hefty and oversized cargo. Because it provides the necessary low chassis, strong load capacity and support structure. Typically, low-floor trailers adopt a multi-axle configuration, including a front axle, a centre axle, and a rear axle. This multi-axis system helps disperse and support the weight of heavy cargo. Therefore, it reduces the impact on roads and bridges and improves transportation stability. This type of trailer is widely used in the construction, mining, engineering, agriculture and energy sectors to meet special cargo handling and transportation needs.

Floor Height

A lowboy trailer has a very low chassis, usually beneath the trailer tires. This feature allows it to accommodate taller cargo while preventing the cargo from exceeding the legal height limit and ensuring safe transportation.

Removable ramp

Some lowboy trailers are equipped with a removable ramp, usually located at the front of the trailer. These ramps can be controlled by a hydraulic system and are used to help large goods get on and off the trailer and then unloaded.

Load capacity

Lowboy trailers usually have high load capacities to meet the needs of transporting heavy and large cargo. Its load capacity is usually described in tons and can accommodate cargo ranging from tens to hundreds of tons.

Safety Features

These trailers often have additional safety features such as lashing points, safety rails, and cables to ensure the cargo remains safe and stable during transportation. This helps prevent the cargo from sliding, tilting or rolling.


Lowboy trailers are ideal for transporting cargo of all shapes and sizes, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, large vehicles and towering cargo. They are widely used in several industries.