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Shandong Automobile Group Co., Ltd., is known as Shacman. It is a Chinese automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China. Shacman focuses on producing commercial trucks and special vehicles. These include heavy-duty trucks, engineering machinery vehicles, military vehicles, etc. The company is one of the leading enterprises in China’s heavy-duty truck manufacturing industry.

It is renowned for its outstanding technology and quality. In addition, its products are common in various fields, including logistics, construction, agriculture, engineering construction, military, and more. It’s trucks and vehicles are commonly used in multiple application fields, such as transportation, construction engineering, mining, and oilfield development, to meet the needs of different customers. It is a Chinese manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks and special vehicles, focusing on producing high-quality commercial vehicles to meet transportation and engineering needs in different fields.

Powerful traction

Shacman heavy-duty trucks are usually equipped with powerful engines and drive systems, providing excellent traction and suitable for the traction needs of various cargo trailers.

Reliability and Durability

Shacman vehicles are renowned for their excellent quality and reliability, being able to withstand long-distance transportation and heavy-duty working environments, reducing failure rates and maintenance costs.

Suitable for different types of trailers

Shacman can adapt to various types of trailers, including flat trailers, box trailers, oil tank trailers, convertible trailers, etc., to meet different cargo transportation needs.

Driving comfort

Shacman trucks typically have high driving comfort, equipped with advanced seats, air conditioning, and suspension systems, providing comfort for long-distance driving.

Advanced safety technology

Shacman vehicles are usually equipped with advanced safety technologies such as anti lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control system (ESC), and brake assist system, improving the safety of the driver and cargo.

Brand awareness

As a well-known truck manufacturer in China, Shacman has a certain reputation in both domestic and international markets, which helps establish trust and expand business.

Easy to repair and maintain

Shacman vehicles typically have easily accessible components, and repair and maintenance services are also common, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Low fuel consumption

Shacman's diesel engines typically have efficient fuel economy, reducing operating costs, especially for long-distance transportation.