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Enclosed Dry Van Trailer

A closed Dry Van Trailer is a truck trailer with a completely enclosed box structure. They can transport various types of goods to protect them from weather, dust, dirt, and other external factors. This type of trailer usually has fixed boxes on the roof, sidewalls, and rear. Therefore, they can safely store goods to ensure their safety and integrity.

This truck trailer has an enclosed box, usually designed in a rectangular shape. They can safely protect various types of goods from the adverse effects of the external environment and weather conditions. The shell structure of this trailer is usually made of sturdy metal or synthetic materials, including the roof, side walls, and rear. This type of trailer has various applications in various industries. These include general cargo transportation, furniture, electronic products, building materials, express delivery, electrical appliances, etc. It plays a vital role in logistics, transportation, and goods distribution, providing reliable protection for goods.


This type of trailer is usually completely sealed, including the roof, side walls, and rear. This sealing structure helps to protect the goods from external weather, moisture, dust, and dirt, ensuring that the goods remain dry and clean.

Can be applied to multiple industries

The Enclosed Dry Van Trailer is very flexible and suitable for transporting various types of goods. They can be used for furniture, electronic equipment, building materials, food, retail goods, and other non temperature sensitive goods.


Due to the enclosed box, these trailers provide privacy for the cargo. Goods are usually not seen during transportation, which is crucial for high-value goods or goods with high privacy requirements.


Enclosed dry cargo trucks can prevent goods from sliding or tipping during transportation. This improves the stability of the goods and reduces the risk of damage or deformation. In addition, these trailers are typically equipped with cargo securing devices such as cargo clamps and straps, which help ensure that the cargo is secured during transportation and reduce the risk of cargo displacement.