T11 ISO Tank

T11 ISO Tank is an international standard special container specifically designed for liquid chemicals. It has special design and safety features to ensure the safe storage and transportation of liquid chemicals. This type of tank container is popular worldwide for a variety of chemical transport applications, including industrial, food, petroleum and hazardous materials.

It is a standard tank container special to store and transport different types of liquids. This type of ISO container is usually made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or other special alloys. Therefore, it can ensure the safety and integrity of liquid chemicals. They need to comply with international dangerous goods transportation regulations and standards. So they can ensure safe transportation and prevent threats to the environment and personnel safety. The tank container is used worldwide for a variety of industrial and chemical transport applications, providing a standardized and compliant solution for the reliable transportation of liquid chemicals.


The T11 ISO Tank is designed with multiple layers of safety measures, including leak detection systems, emergency shut-off devices, safety valves and pressure relief devices to minimize the risk of liquid chemical leaks and accidents.


These tank containers must comply with international dangerous goods transport regulations and standards to ensure compliance. This means they undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements during transport.


The design of the T11 ISO Tank allows for use with different types of liquid chemicals, including food grade liquids, industrial chemicals, petroleum products, and hazardous materials. This versatility makes it widely used in a variety of industries.

Temperature control

T11 ISO Tanks are equipped with temperature control systems to meet the temperature requirements of specific liquid chemicals and ensure that they are maintained at the appropriate temperature during transportation. This is especially important for liquid chemicals that require specific storage conditions.

Reduced Packaging And Eco-Friendly

T11 ISO Tank is reusable and can be used in multiple shipments without the need for frequent packaging changes. This reduces the amount of waste liquid chemical packaging and helps reduce the waste burden.

Transportation efficiency

T11 ISO Tank enables fast and efficient transportation via standard container ships, trains, trucks and other transportation methods. This reduces loading and unloading times and increases shipping efficiency.