Mafi Trailer

MAFI trailer is a kind of transportation equipment specially designed for roll-off cargo. It has a flat platform and a special roll-off mechanism. That allows it to conveniently load, unload and transport large, heavy, roll-off cargo. This type of semi-trailer is common when cargo needs to be transported from land to ship or vice versa, and its unique design helps reduce loading and unloading time. Therefore, it can improve cargo safety, and minimise transportation complexity.

MAFI trailer has a flat workbench and no closed structure and is suitable for roll-on and roll-off cargo. That includes ships, heavy machinery, trucks, large vehicles, etc. It usually has a low platform to lower the height of the load. That allows it to pass through height-restricted locations and narrow passages. MAFI trailers typically come in different load-carrying capacities and sizes to meet the needs of various cargoes. MAFI trailers play a crucial role in ports, logistics centres, shipping industries, construction sites and military deployments, improving the efficiency and reliability of cargo transportation.

Efficient Loading And Unloading

The MAFI trailer's roll-on and roll-off design and special roll-off and roll-off mechanism enable fast and efficient loading and unloading operations. This reduces the dwell time of cargo and improves loading and unloading efficiency.


This trailer is suitable for a variety of roll-off cargo, including large ships, heavy machinery, trucks, large vehicles, etc. They are flexible and can accommodate a variety of cargo types and sizes.

Low Platform

MAFI trailers usually have a low platform, making them suitable for transporting cargo with limited height. This helps reduce transportation obstacles through height-restricted locations and narrow passages.

Labor Cost Saving

Due to its roll-off mechanism, the loading and unloading process does not require a lot of manpower. This reduces labor costs and reduces the risk of injury to workers.

Cargo Safety

Mafi trailers are usually equipped with fixed equipment, such as lashings and guardrails, to ensure that the goods remain safe and stable during transportation. This reduces the risk of cargo damage.


These trailers are often equipped with steering systems, allowing them to operate in tight spaces, such as within ports, warehouses or job sites.

Convenient Loading&Unloading

Mafi trailer's roll-off mechanism reduces the complicated loading and unloading process, especially for large, heavy cargo, such as ships. This reduces shipping complexity and risk.