Versatile Trailer Ventures: Pioneering Low Bed, Windmill Blade, Bulk Powder, Fuel Tank, and Container Projects

Construction MachInery Transportation

  • As shown in the picture,4 axle lowbed trailer is working to transport road roller.
  • Our low-bed trailers can be customised to suit your different transport needs,including large and heavy construction machinery

Large Excavator Transportation

  • Here’s a picture of the excavator on a trailer getting ready to cross the bridge hole
  • Safe and smooth performance plus strong support for loads up to 80 tonnes are at the heart of our philosophy.

Iso Tank Trailer Transportation

We not only have multi-functional low plate, according to your specific needs to eight axles, iso tank is also our main products, the choice of tank materials, 20 feet or 40 feet as you choose.

Wind Blade Transportation

  • As shown in the picture,Heavy-duty lowboy trailer is working to transport wind blade .
  • Generally speaking, one group wind power generation equipment need three trailers to transport.
  • We have professional technicians accompanying the shipment in order to deal with any problems encountered in transit at any time.

Hold Up to The Case With Car Carrier Trailer

CAR CARRIER is our star product, at present our export business scope across Asia, as far as South America, Oceania and other European and American countries We are fully in line with European standards, not only using imported materials, superior technology to produce, at the same time we fully accept your personalised custom, all to your needs as the first priority!

Rectors Transpotation With Modular Trailer

Unlimited modular with 180 tonnes of reactor capacity and safe steering capability thanks to the advanced technology of hydraulically steered axles.