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Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigered trailer is a trailer specially equipped with a refrigeration system to maintain temperature control during transportation. These trailers are common for transporting goods that require a specific temperature range. That includes perishable food, drugs, chemicals, flowers, and other temperature-sensitive items. The main purpose of refrigerated trailers is to ensure that the goods maintain appropriate temperature conditions during transportation from the production site to the destination. Therefore, they can prevent the goods from rotting, damaging, or deteriorating. These trailers can meet the needs of various industries while ensuring the quality and safety of the transported goods.

Refrigerated trailer is a common trailer that primarily provides temperature control and a refrigeration environment during the transportation of goods. This type of trailer usually has a refrigerator and insulated containers to keep the goods within a specific temperature range. It can transport temperature-sensitive goods, such as food, drugs, chemicals, and other items requiring low or constant temperature conditions. Refrigerated trailers play a crucial role in the supply chain and logistics fields. Because they can ensure the quality and safety of goods during transportation from production to destination and reduce the risk of loss and waste of goods.

Equipped with refrigeration equipment

The most prominent feature of the Refrigerated Trailer is that the trailer is equipped with refrigeration equipment, usually a refrigerator or refrigeration unit. These devices can control the temperature inside the trailer to maintain it within the required temperature range, and are typically used for low-temperature or constant temperature transportation.

Insulated container

The container of a trailer usually has an insulation layer to reduce heat exchange and help maintain the required temperature. This helps to provide good insulation performance under high or low temperature conditions.

Space separation

Refrigerated trailers are usually divided into multiple cargo areas to accommodate goods with different temperature requirements. This helps to transport multiple types of goods simultaneously without worrying about the different temperature they need.

Multi industry applications

Refrigerated trailers are widely used in various industries such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, chemical industry, etc., to meet the temperature requirements of various goods.