Concrete Mix Trailer

Concrete mix trailer is a mobile concrete mixing plant specifically designed to produce concrete on a construction site. This type of trailer combines mixing and transport functions. It usually features a rotating mixing tank that mixes cement, sand, aggregate and other concrete ingredients. So, it delivers the concrete directly to where it is needed. This mobile device is a handy tool in building and road construction projects.

This trailer is a mobile piece of equipment used to prepare concrete on-site at a job site. It usually includes an internal mixing tank that is used to mix the concrete ingredients such as cement, sand, aggregate and water and then transport the concrete to where it is needed for building, repair and construction projects. Concrete mix trailers are commonly used on small and medium-sized construction projects to ensure the freshness and quality of concrete, reducing concrete transportation time and waste. This makes it a flexible and efficient concrete production solution suitable for a variety of construction tasks.


Concrete mixer trailers are mobile units that can be easily moved between job sites. This mobility allows concrete to be prepared on-site where it is needed, reducing the cost and time of transporting the concrete. Additionally, mobile concrete mixer trailers enable project managers to perform flexible scheduling of concrete supply based on demand. This ensures the concrete is available at the right time and place.

Rapid Concrete Production

These trailers are capable of producing concrete quickly, helping to speed up project progress and reduce wait times.

Multiple Practicalities

Concrete mixer trailers can be used for different types of concrete projects, including foundation pouring, pavement repair, concrete structure construction, etc.

Cost Savings

Since the concrete is prepared on-site, it can be customized as needed, reducing the waste of concrete and lowering costs.


Concrete mixer trailers provide an efficient way to produce and transport concrete, especially suitable for projects that require frequent concrete supplies.