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Car Carrier Trailer

A car carrier trailer refers to a trailer specifically designed for transporting automobiles. This type of trailer is usually designed with multiple layers of platforms, each of which can load numerous cars. They are typically used for long-distance transportation, such as from manufacturing plants to car dealers or from one location to another, to meet the needs of car distribution and transportation.

This trailer is a particular type of semi-trailer specifically designed for transporting multiple vehicles. This type of trailer typically has numerous layers of platforms, each designed to safely and effectively load and secure the vehicle. This transportation tool is widely used by automobile manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies for large-scale automobile transportation. They provide highly professional methods for automobile transportation, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of automobiles.

Speciality of use

These trailers are specifically designed for automotive transportation and meet the needs of car manufacturers and sellers. They are usually equipped with professional equipment such as ropes, straps, and fixing devices, and each car is firmly fixed on the platform to prevent displacement or overturning during driving.

Multi layer platform design

Multi layer platform design is the core feature of car carrier trailers, providing an efficient, economical, and safe way to transport multiple cars simultaneously, meeting the needs of automotive manufacturing and sales businesses.

Low center of gravity

To improve stability, these trailers are usually designed with a low center of gravity to reduce the risk of roll. This helps to reduce instability during turns or sudden lane changes.

Convenience of loading and unloading

A skateboard structure is a design that reflects the convenience of loading and unloading car carrier trailers, especially when frequent loading and unloading of cars or unloading of bottom or middle level cars is required. It improves the efficiency of the loading and unloading process, reduces the waste of labor and time, and helps to improve the efficiency and safety of automobile transportation.

High carrying capacity

The multi-layer platform design of the trailer allows for the transportation of multiple vehicles at once, maximizing the carrying capacity. This reduces the transportation cost per vehicle, as the cost allocated to each vehicle is lower.