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Side Load Container Trailer

The side load container trailer unique design and side loading and unloading mechanism make it ideal to load and unload containers. Therefore, it aims to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure cargo safety. They play an integral role in the field of cargo transportation and logistics, meeting the needs of various industries.

This trailer is a type of trailer or semi-trailer specially used for loading and unloading containers on the side. Its main feature is the presence of special loading and unloading mechanisms. They are usually hydraulic systems, which allow easy loading and unloading of cargo, especially containers, from the side. This type of trailer is common in the logistics and cargo transportation industries, especially where efficient loading and unloading of containers is required.

Hydraulic Side Loading And Unloading System

Side load container trailers are usually equipped with a special side loading and unloading mechanism, usually a hydraulic system. This mechanism allows transport crews to load and unload containers from the side of the trailer without having to unload the top or rear of the trailer, which is particularly beneficial in tight sites or crowded environments.


This trailer is designed to improve loading and unloading efficiency. It can greatly reduce the time required to load and unload containers, reduce staff labor costs, and improve overall logistics efficiency.

Container Adaptability

Side load container trailers are usually suitable for standard size containers, such as 20ft and 40 ft/53ft. This means they can meet shipping needs in a variety of container sizes.

Multi Applications

This trailer is not just for cargo transportation. The multi-scenario application of side load container trailer makes it an indispensable tool in various industries, providing efficient, convenient and suitable solutions for various transportation needs. Whether in ports, factories, construction sites or international logistics, such trailers increase efficiency and reduce the complexity of the loading and unloading process.

Cargo Protection

Side load container trailers provide additional cargo protection by providing a relatively closed environment and cargo securing equipment, helping to ensure that the cargo remains safe, intact and undamaged during transportation. This is critical for transporting sensitive or valuable cargo, while also helping to reduce the risk of cargo damage and disputes.