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Crawler Dump Trailer

A crawler dump trailer is a special type of trailer to transport and unload large amounts of bulk materials. Its main feature is the use of a tracked chassis instead of a common tire chassis. Therefore, that gives it excellent off-road capabilities and allows for operation in various terrain and environmental conditions. Crawler dump trailers are commonly used in construction sites, mining sites, and earthworks to transport and unload bulk materials such as sand, soil, rocks, coal, etc.

This trailer has tracks instead of tires. This type of trailer is typically used in construction sites, mining sites, and earthworks for handling and unloading bulk materials such as soil, sand, rocks, coal, etc. Its most prominent feature is its excellent off-road ability, which can operate in complex terrain and harsh environments. Therefore, it is often used for tasks that require material transportation and unloading and can improve engineering efficiency.

Track chassis

The most significant feature is the use of a track chassis instead of traditional tires. This gives it excellent off-road capability, capable of driving on various terrains and uneven surfaces, including muddy, rugged, and uneven terrain.

Overload capacity

Crawler dump trailers are typically designed to handle large amounts of bulk materials, thus having a large loading capacity. They can carry large capacity materials such as soil, rock, gravel, and coal, and are suitable for tasks that require high carrying capacity.

Self unloading function

These trailers have self unloading function, usually by lifting one end of the cargo box to automatically unload the goods. This can efficiently and safely unload a large amount of bulk materials, improving the efficiency of engineering and the convenience of cargo transportation.


Due to its typical use in harsh engineering environments, tracked dump trailers typically have a sturdy and durable design to withstand heavy loads and bumps.

Independent suspension

The tracked chassis usually has an independent suspension system, which can provide smooth driving and reduce impact and vibration on goods.