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Bitumen Tank Container

Bitumen tank container is mobile container specially designed for the transportation and storage of bitumen. These special containers have a special internal structure and thermal insulation.  Therefore, it can ensure the safe transportation and storage of asphalt while preventing it from overheating or cooling. Their insulated heating system, storage capacity and ease of transportation make them a common engineering tool in road construction and maintenance. Bitumen tank containers help ensure the quality and viscosity of asphalt during transportation and storage.

Bitumen tank containers are mobile containers specifically designed to transport, store and disperse asphalt. These containers feature internal storage tanks. They are often with an insulating layer to keep the asphalt warm. Therefore, they can maintain proper fluidity. Bitumen tank containers are commonly used to transport asphalt in engineering and construction projects for pavement laying needs. They are also equipped with safety measures to prevent spills and ensure safe transportation. These containers are designed to ensure the quality and stability of asphalt to meet the requirements of road construction projects.

Insulated Design

These containers usually have an efficient insulated design to maintain the temperature of the bitumen and prevent it from cooling or overheating during transport. This helps in maintaining the viscosity of the bitumen for smooth loading and unloading when required.

Storage Capacity

Bitumen tank containers can be used to store asphalt, making them very useful in engineering and construction projects. This allows the user to easily extract the required bitumen when needed.

Ease Transport

These containers have standard container sizes and can be transported using standard modes of transport such as lorry, rail or ship to meet the distribution and supply needs of the bitumen.

Anti-Leakage Design

Bitumen tank containers are usually equipped with anti-leakage measures to prevent the bitumen from leaking and polluting the environment. This includes hydraulic systems, sealing equipment and protective measures.

Customised Sizes

Bitumen tank containers are usually supplied in standard sizes or can be customised to meet the needs of a specific project. Customised containers can be made to meet specific project requirements, including specific volumes, temperature requirements and other bespoke features.