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Curtain side trailer is a special semi-trailer with a unique appearance and design, which is widely used in the field of bulk cargo transportation. Curtain side trailer adopts a side curtain design, making it more flexible and convenient during cargo loading, unloading and transportation. The appearance characteristics of the curtain side semi-trailer are mainly reflected in the box structure. Compared with traditional closed enclosed van semi-trailers, the side curtains of the semi-trailers adopt an openable side curtain design, which is similar to a curtain and can be easily slid open or closed. The body structure mostly uses lightweight materials, such as aluminium alloy and high-strength steel, to ensure that the weight of the trailer is reduced while meeting transportation requirements.

Curtain side trailers are widely used in the field of logistics and transportation, and are especially suitable for scenarios that require high cargo loading and unloading efficiency and flexibility, such as urban distribution, supermarket replenishment, construction site transportation, etc. Due to its ventilation and ventilation characteristics, side curtain semi-trailers are often used to transport goods that are sensitive to ventilation conditions, such as vegetables and fruits.