Bridge Trailer

Bridge trailer is engaged in specialized transportation. In detail, its primary use is to transport large and heavy cargo such as bridge components, large building structures, military equipment and other oversized items. They play a crucial role in supporting bridge and infrastructure construction projects. However, they are also common in other areas.

These trailers are specialized tools designed to work efficiently. They can stably and safely transport large and extra-heavy loads with various applications. These include infrastructure construction, the construction industry and the military. They can transport bridge components such as girder segments, abutments and bridge decks to support bridge construction projects. It can also  transport large building structures, steel structures, concrete components and other large building elements.


Bridge trailers are often designed with a very low working plate, which keeps the center of gravity of the cargo lower. The low working plate height helps to reduce the height of the trailer's center of gravity, which improves stability and reduces the risk of tipping.


Multi-axle design is a key feature of bridge trailers that provides high load carrying capacity, stability and versatility, enabling the trailer to handle a wide range of large and overweight cargo transportation needs. By distributing and supporting the weight of the cargo, the multi-axle design helps ensure safe, efficient and reliable cargo transportation.

High Load Carrying Capacity

These trailers are typically designed to carry cargo loads of hundreds of tons, making them ideally suited to handle exceptionally heavy cargo. Their chassis and suspension systems are specially designed to ensure that they can withstand huge weights.

Securing and Safety Devices

The securing of bridge trailers is a key factor in ensuring that cargo remains safe and stable during transportation. Through the use of specialized clamps, stops, ropes, rigging and adjustable devices, these tie-downs help to ensure that the cargo is securely fastened to the trailer, reducing the risk to the cargo during transportation.

Adjustable Suspension

Some bridge trailers are equipped with an adjustable suspension system that allows adjustments to be made for different heights and weights of cargo to ensure proper clearance between the cargo and the road.