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Wing Van Trailer

Wing Van Trailer is a specially designed truck trailer. It features a wing panel structure on the side. These wing panels can open from the side of the trailer. Therefore, they can provide additional spaciousness and height to facilitate cargo handling and provide more flexibility. Wing van trailers are common to transport various types of goods. Especially those that require additional size and width space. Those include large mechanical equipment, aviation components, building materials, height items, etc.

The unique design of this trailer makes the loading and unloading of goods more efficient. Because goods can load and unload from the side without passing through the top or rear of the trailer. This type of trailer provides additional space and support for the cargo, helping to maintain the integrity and stability of the cargo. In summary, a wing trailer is a special type of truck trailer used for transporting large, high, or wide items, providing convenient loading and unloading options and additional cargo space.

Convenient loading and unloading

The most prominent feature of the Wing Van Trailer is the deployable panel structure on the side of the trailer, which can be opened from the side, similar to wing deployment, providing greater loading and unloading space and height. The goods can be loaded and unloaded from the side, reducing loading and unloading time and effort.

Multi industry adaptability

Wing trailers have a wide range of adaptability in multiple industries, capable of transporting various types and sizes of goods. Such as transportation of construction and building materials, mechanical equipment, food, retail consumer goods, medical equipment, and agricultural products.

Additional height space

Wing trailers provide additional height space, which helps transport goods with higher heights without being affected by height restrictions.

Protection of goods

The enclosed design can protect the goods from external factors such as adverse weather, rainfall, wind and snow, and ultraviolet radiation. This helps to ensure that the goods remain dry and safe during transportation. In addition, the panel structure can also prevent goods from being affected by pollutants such as dust, mud, and dirt on the road. This is particularly important for transporting goods that require cleanliness, such as food and medical supplies.