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End Tipper Trailer

End tipper trailer is a freight trailer specifically designed for unloading goods. Its main feature is a tail unloading mechanism that can quickly unload goods. This type of trailer is common for transporting bulk goods such as gravel, coal, soil, building materials, etc. Its design allows for rapid unloading of goods from the rear of the trailer.

End tipper trailers have a lifting mechanism that can tilt the cargo box to an appropriate angle. Therefore, it allows the cargo to slide out on its own. This type of trailer is common in industries such as construction, mining, agriculture, and earthwork, as it can improve unloading efficiency, reduce labor costs, and adapt to the transportation needs of large quantities of bulk goods.

Efficient unloading

The self unloading function of the End tipper trailer allows the cargo box to tilt quickly, causing the cargo to slide off the rear of the trailer quickly. This accelerates the unloading process and reduces the unloading time. It provides fast, safe, and precise unloading functions, which help improve engineering efficiency and facilitate cargo transportation. This is particularly important for industries that require large-scale bulk cargo transportation, such as construction and mining.

Reduce manual labor

The self unloading function of the End tipper trailer reduces the demand for manual labor, and its unloading process is usually managed by an automated control system. This includes functions such as automatic lifting and lowering of containers, automatic unloading of goods, etc., reducing manual intervention by operators and reducing labor costs during the unloading process.

Suitable for large quantities of bulk cargo

This type of trailer is suitable for transporting large quantities of bulk cargo, such as gravel, coal, soil, building materials, etc. End tipper trailers typically have a sturdy structure to withstand the weight of a large amount of cargo. Their construction materials and supporting structures have been carefully designed to ensure stability and durability. They can meet the transportation needs of large-scale engineering and construction projects.


End tipper trailers are typically designed with a stable chassis to prevent tipping or instability during unloading. A stable chassis helps maintain overall safety.