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Aluminum Tank Trailer

An aluminum tank trailer is a special tank trailer specially to transport various liquids and gases. The tanks of these trailers are usually made of aluminium. Because it is stainless, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. They are suitable for transporting various chemicals, food-grade materials, flammable and explosive liquids, etc.

Aluminium tank trailer can be equipped with different types of tanks according to specific uses, such as cylindrical, oval or other special-shaped tanks. They usually have sealing properties and appropriate unloading mechanisms to ensure the safety and quality of materials during transportation. This type of tank trailer plays a key role in transporting liquid chemicals, food logistics, the petroleum industry, the transportation of liquefied gases, etc.


The aluminum tank trailer is made of aluminum material and has the characteristics of lightweight. Compared with the steel tank body, it reduces the weight of the entire vehicle. This helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce transportation costs.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum tanks have superior corrosion resistance and are particularly suitable for transporting chemicals, liquid foods and other corrosive substances. They are not prone to rust and can withstand long-term use in harsh environments.

Sealing Performance

Aluminum tank trailers usually have excellent sealing properties to ensure that no leaks occur during transportation. This is essential when transporting liquid chemicals or liquid foods to prevent contamination and damage.

Easy to Clean

Aluminum tanks have smooth surfaces that are easy to clean, helping to ensure the hygiene and quality of materials between different transportation tasks.


These trailers usually comply with relevant safety standards and regulations and have various safety features such as emergency braking systems, anti-overflow valves, etc. to ensure safety during transportation.

Unloading System

Aluminum tank trailers are usually equipped with an unloading mechanism that can precisely control the unloading speed and amount as needed to meet different unloading requirements.


These trailers can accommodate different types of liquid, gas and bulk material transportation needs. Tanks can be customized to suit specific uses and the nature of the materials, including different shapes, capacities and configurations.

Low Maintenance Costs

Aluminum tank trailers are not prone to rust and generally require less maintenance, reducing repair costs and downtime.