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Container Trailer
A container trailer is a cargo trailer used for transporting goods, usually for loading and transporting containers. These trailers can accommodate standard containers, such as those defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Therefore, they can conveniently transport goods from the source to the destination. These containers usually come in standard sizes, such as 20 feet or 40 feet long In addition, they are used for ocean shipping, rail transportation, and road transportation.

Container trailers are pulled by a truck to transport cargo to various locations. These trailers often have unique locking mechanisms to ensure the container remains securely fixed during transportation. This method of cargo transportation is prevalent because it simplifies the loading and unloading process of cargo while also improving the efficiency of cargo transportation.

Skeleton Trailer

A skeleton trailer is a truck trailer that is characterized by having no fixed cargo box or closed structure. Instead, it has an open frame structure, usually constructed of steel or aluminum, that is used to support and transport cargo boxes, containers, or other cargo. This trailer design makes it very flexible as it can accommodate different types and sizes of cargo boxes such as containers, pallets or other cargo units. The design of the Skeleton trailer makes it easier to load and unload cargo and allows cargo to be transported in different combinations of cargo boxes. There is no enclosed structure, so they are not suitable for transporting sensitive goods. However, they are very common in the international freight and logistics industry. These trailers are often used in conjunction with truck towing to move goods from one location to another, because they are generally suitable for the transportation of containerized goods.

Flatbed Trailer

A flatbed trailer is a trailer that features no enclosed cargo box but a flat, open platform, usually constructed of steel or aluminum. This type of platform has no side walls or top covering, allowing cargo to be loaded and unloaded freely on the flatbed. Flatbed trailers are commonly used to transport various types of cargo, including large equipment, construction materials, lumber, steel, heavy machinery, pipes, containers and other large cargo that does not fit in an enclosed trailer. Flatbed trailers have a flat platform with no fences or siding, which allows cargo to be easily loaded and unloaded without being restricted by size or shape. This type of trailer is particularly suitable for transporting large cargo, such as construction machinery, heavy equipment, and large pipes, as they allow these cargoes to hang off the edge of the trailer. Since there is no closed structure, cargo can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily, improving loading and unloading efficiency. This is crucial for fast loading and unloading of cargo.

Side Load Container Trailer

A Side Load Container Trailer is a trailer specifically designed for loading, transporting and unloading cargo containers. Unlike traditional flatbed trailers or skeletal trailers, side load container trailers have special mechanisms that allow cargo containers to be loaded and unloaded from the side, rather than from the front or rear of the trailer. This trailer has the ability to load and unload cargo containers from the side. Usually, there is a mechanical device on the side of the trailer that can lift the container from the ground to the trailer platform, or unload it from the platform, allowing side loading and unloading. Side Load Container Trailers can generally accommodate containers of different sizes, including 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Some models can also accommodate special size containers, such as 45-foot containers.

Mafi Trailer

Mafi trailer is a specially designed for loading, transporting and unloading cargo containers. A Mafi trailer is a self-propelled trailer that has its own power, usually powered by a diesel engine or other type of power system. This type of trailer is commonly used in places such as ports, terminals, freight centers and container terminals to handle containers quickly and efficiently. Mafi trailers have their own power, usually powered by a diesel engine, allowing them to drive autonomously. This self-propelled power is used to push the trailer forward or backward to load, unload or move containers. Because they have their own power, operators can quickly transport containers from a terminal or cargo center to a designated location, or unload containers from a trailer onto the ground.

Terminal Trailer

Terminal trailer is specially designed for operation in ports, terminals, cargo centers and container terminals. This type of trailer is designed to assist in the loading, unloading and short-distance transportation of cargo in these locations. Terminal trailers often have a low-platform design to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo. This makes it easier for operators to lift containers from the ground onto a trailer platform, or unload containers from a trailer onto the ground. These trailers are typically used for a variety of purposes, including container handling, cargo transportation, container stacking, intra-warehouse transportation, and more. They are suitable for different sizes of containers and cargo.