Used Dump Truck

Engine: Equipped with MAN technology 400 horsepower MC11 engine with maximum torque of 1900N·m@1000-1400rpm.

Gearbox: China National Heavy Duty Truck’s self-made HW19712 gearbox, matched with HW50 power take-off. Optional power take-offs such as HW70 can be used with the gearbox.

Rear axle: AC16 two-stage drive axle with a speed ratio of 4.77

Front axle: HR9c axle with disc brakes

Tires: 12.00R20 Chaoyang tires. According to the power system parameters, the speed ratio of the HW19712 gearbox in the 12th gear( highest gear) is 1. The theoretical calculated speed of the engine at 1400rpm is 60km/h.