How big is a dump truck?

An end dump truck is a typical engineering vehicle used for cargo transportation and unloading. An end dump truck is a vehicle that unloads goods through hydraulic cargo mechanical lifting. The loading compartment can tilt over a certain angle to unload. All in all, it will save unpacking time and labour. Besides, it will also shorten the transportation cycle. Therefore, it can improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of transportation. And it is a standard transport vehicle.

The structure of rear dump trucks includes compartments, frames, hydraulic systems, transmission systems and cabs. The carriage loads cargo, and the frame provides support for the vehicle. In addition, the hydraulic system controls the raising and lowering of the carriage. The driveline is a vital part of the vehicle, and the cab provides the driver with working space and vision.

The end dump trucks comprise front four rear eight dump trucks, single axle dump trucks and double axle dump trucks. According to the driving mode, it has the categories of 4X2, 6X4,8X4 and semi-trailer dump trucks.

Components of an end dump truck

The rear dump truck comprises a carriage, frame, hydraulic, transmission, and cab. The structure of the engine, chassis and cab is the same as that of a general load car. The carriages can tilt backwards or sideways, and people can list a few in both directions.

The cabin hydraulic tipping mechanism comprises an oil tank, pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, control valve and oil pipe. The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and power take-off device. Then, the high-pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and oil pipe. Lastly, it pushes the piston rod to make the carriages tilted over. Afterwards, tipping is more common. The manipulation system to control the piston rod movement can cause the carriages to stop in any desired tilt position. Its own gravity and hydraulic control resets the carriage.

The main technical parameter of a dump truck is loading weight, which indicates the loading volume. A new or overhauled factory car must be test run so that the carriage lifting process is smooth and has no flutter. Using various parts of the lubricant can save the unloading time and labour. Pay attention to the lubrication cycle. The lifting mechanism follows the period of oil replacement.

Classification of rear dump truck

According to the chassis carrying capacity, there are light, medium and large series trucks. According to the driving form, there are single-bridge dumping and double-bridge dumping. There are also different models, such as four in the front, eight in the rear. According to the unloading hydraulic lifting mechanisms, there are single-top self-unloading and double-top self-unloading.

Rear Dump Truck Type Selection

Dump trucks also develop products according to various goods, working conditions and regions. So, people must choose the rear dump truck according to their needs.


When choosing a chassis, we should consider the economic benefits. That includes the price of the chassis, loading quality, overloading capacity, 100 kilometres of fuel consumption, road maintenance costs and so on. In addition to this, people also need to consider the following parameters:

  1. Generally, the height of the 6X4 chassis is 105-1200 mm. The larger the value, the higher the vehicle’s centre of gravity, the more likely to cause a rollover. Factors affecting this value are tire diameter, suspension arrangement and height of the main frame section.
  2. Chassis rear suspension. The value is too significant to affect the stability of dump truck lifting, resulting in lifting rollover accidents. The value of the chassis of a rear dump truck is generally between 500-1300mm.
  3. Reasonable matching and reliable use of the whole vehicle.

Cabin type

The structure form of the wagon can range from ordinary rectangular wagons to mining bucket wagons, according to the use.

  1. Ordinary rectangular wagons can transport bulk cargo. The rear plate has an automatic opening and closing mechanism to ensure the smooth unloading of goods. Standard rectangular carriages have thick boards.
  2. A mining bucket wagon is suitable for transporting large granularity goods such as boulders. Considering the impact and collision of the goods, the design shape of the mining bucket car is more complex. It increases the rigidity and impact resistance of the carriages.

The lifting mechanism is the core of the dump truck, which is the primary indicator to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the dump truck.

Several types of lifting mechanisms are currently available. Firstly, the F-type tripod enlarged lifting mechanism is the most common. There are also the T-type tripod enlarged lifting mechanism, the double bar lifting, and the front top lifting.

Application Scenarios for Rear Tipping Dump Truck

End dump truck is an integral self-loading technology. The main body of the equipment includes an integral unloading mechanism. The system integrates transportation, loading, unloading, and centralized storage. It is popular in construction sites, mines, logistics enterprises and other fields. Above all, it is one of the essential tools for cargo transportation.