Introduction to The Side Wall Trailer

The Side Wall Trailer generally transports agricultural and sideline products and other light bubble goods. This semi-trailer type is installed with a fence structure in the loading part. This unique design makes the semi-trailer provide extra support and protection when transporting goods to adapt to the transportation needs of different interests.


How do you choose a suitable Side Wall Trailer? First of all, you need to select the proper manufacturer. Secondly, you need to choose a semi-trailer with high-quality materials. And then, you need to select the appropriate semi-trailer structure and design according to the needs and transportation of the goods.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a manufacturer is the quality of the product. And, of course, the cost and budget of the product. As well as the certification and qualifications of the manufacturer and the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.


When choosing the material for the Side Wall Trailer, it is vital to select the high-quality material based on the goods and the budget. Generally available in standard steel and high-strength steel.


You can choose a straight beam structure or a gooseneck structure depending on different cargoes. And depending on the goods, you can select a semi-trailer style with its characteristics and advantages.

How do you select the proper manufacturer of a Side Wall Trailer?

Selecting the proper manufacturer is vital for purchasing high-quality semi-trailers and ensuring after-sales service. If any quality problem occurs during transportation, it will not only cause safety hazards to the driver but also affect the efficiency and transportation cost. So, how do you choose the proper manufacturer when buying a Side Wall Trailer? You can consider the following price aspects:


High-quality control: A Professional Side Wall Trailer manufacturer needs to be equipped with professional technicians and a production team. Have a strict production quality management system. Each production process is to be tested and inspected in strict accordance with the relevant industry standards and the factory’s production capacity and management level to find a stable quality manufacturer.


Perfect after-sales service system: The factory must have a professional and perfect after-sales service system for Side Wall Trailers, including spare parts supply and maintenance service, etc., to ensure that customers can get timely technical support and help when their semi-trailers encounter problems.


Cost and budget: After comparing prices of Side Wall Trailers from different manufacturers and knowing each manufacturer’s pricing and payment terms, it’s essential to not only focus on price but also the overall quality and value of the semi-trailer.


Design and type: Select the Side Wall Trailer style manufacturer that is more suitable for your business according to the type and weight of the goods you are transporting.


How do I choose a quality Side Wall Trailer?

To meet the safety and stability of the Side Wall Trailer during transportation, we need to pay attention to some special requirements for selecting steel materials, which must have strength and durability.


Side Wall Trailers are made of high-tensile steel, characterized by its resistance to compression and bending, allowing it to carry heavy loads and resist wear and tear. The durability of high-tensile steel ensures that the Side Wall Trailer is resistant to corrosion, abrasion and impact.


Different countries have different climatic conditions, so Side Wall Trailer’s steel must meet the local climatic conditions; for example, the Russian region will have very low temperatures in winter, so Side Wall Trailer will be used for this region with low temperature-resistant steel to prevent semi-trailers from breaking in the cold environment; some countries in South America, the climate is relatively humid, and the road conditions are deplorable, so Side Wall Trailer will use for this region with corrosion resistance and durability to make the semi-trailer can be applied to the local climate to improve transportation efficiency and ensure transportation safety. In some countries in South America, the weather is humid, and the road condition is deplorable, so Side Wall Trailer will use corrosion-resistant and durable steel for this region so that the semi-trailer can apply to the local climate, improve transportation efficiency and ensure transportation safety.

How do you choose different types of Side Wall Trailers?

Lightweight models are becoming more and more popular among semi-trailers. Compared with enclosed van semi-trailers, the curb weight of the Side Wall Trailer is 2t-3t lighter. A standard 13 m Side Wall Trailer weigh about 6t-6.5t. It has obvious advantages in areas such as energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, it is gradually replacing van semi-trailers.


Side Wall Trailers can be categorized into two types of height: single and double. Single deck refers to the size from the bottom plate to the top of the grill, generally 600 mm; double deck refers to the height above 600 mm. These two types of Side Wall Trailers are more common semi-trailers, mainly used for transporting some agricultural and sideline products, steel and other products.


Side Wall Trailers can be categorized into Straight Beam and Gooseneck in design and construction. The Straight Beam Side Wall Trailer comprises a flatbed semi-trailer with perimeter fenced side walls and a tailgate. This style is designed for transporting bulk cargo, such as coal, grain or gravel, and is relatively easy to load and unload. Gooseneck Side Wall Trailer, we also called “high and low board”. The height difference between the base plate and the gooseneck is generally about 20cm, which is more spacious and has a lower centre of gravity than the straight beam structure. It is suitable for pulling higher cargoes, ensuring that the total height is within the appropriate range.

In summary, Choosing the right Side Wall Trailer is all about transportation efficiency and safety!

Side Wall Trailer has multi-functionality and flexibility, and it can generally be used in the transport industry of wood and forest products, the transport industry of steel, the transport industry of agricultural products, the transport of machinery and equipment, the transport of loose goods and the city distribution industry, etc.


The Side Wall Trailer is made of high-strength steel to ensure transportation safety. And the different designs are more suitable for transporting different kinds of goods, improving the vehicle’s efficiency.