What is a Lowboy Trailer?

Lowboy semi-trailer is one of the low bed semi-trailers. A low-bed semi-trailer is a type of trailer that has a chassis that allows cargo to be at a lower height. People usually use low-bed trailers to transport a variety of machinery and equipment. It includes mining machines, forestry machines, agricultural machines (such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, etc.) and other heavy and oversized objects or steel. Low-bed semi-trailers can comprise of many types according to their use and design.

We can classify the lowboy semi-trailers from different transportation cargoes. If transporting machinery weighing 30-40 tons, we can generally use ordinary three-axle low flatbed. For super heavy machinery weighing 60-80 tons, we can use 6-axle and above heavy-duty low flatbeds. And if transporting heavy machinery or other products weighing more than 100 tons, we use the modular vehicle. Each country has specific regulations on the number of axles for semi-trailers. According to this situation, if customers want to pull a giant load under a limited number of axles, they can make the beams and wings thicker to achieve the

According to the unloading method, the lowboy trailers can be divided into front-type and rear-type unloading. The lowboy trailer promises several types: fixed gooseneck style, hydraulic detachable gooseneck style, and hydraulic folding gooseneck style.

The lowboy trailer has a unique design, which is usually high at the gooseneck and rear end and low in the centre work plate. This unique design makes the working plate much lower than the ordinary low-plate working plate. The lowboy semi-trailers are mainly used for pulling bulldozers and large industrial equipment.

Interpretation of Lowboy semi-trailer

Lowboy semi-trailers have some platforms. These platforms have different heights to adapt to varying sizes of the goods. Lowboy trailer is a low-bed semi-trailer. They all have the same characteristics. That is, unique designs can be adapted to different sizes, heights and weights of the goods to ensure the safety and stability of the transportation of goods.

Fixed gooseneck style of lowboy trailer

Fixed Gooseneck Lowboy trailer is a rear-type unloading style with a fixed gooseneck at the front. There is also a ramp at the back to accommodate machinery loading.

Features of fixed gooseneck style

The lowboy trailer with a fixed gooseneck has a higher loading capacity. And this design allows us to bear heavier goods. It is more suitable for transportation of construction equipment, large machinery, engineering materials and so on. The fixed gooseneck of a lowboy semi-trailer has the most extended cargo platform length and the lightest weight. But it can’t realize loading and unloading from the front end. Hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy semi-trailer has the shortest cargo platform length and the utmost importance. But the gooseneck dismantling and loading is the fastest. People can operate the trailer the most conveniently and efficiently. People can also adjust the height of the cargo platform according to their needs.

The fixed gooseneck improves the stability of the semi-trailer. It better ensures the smoothness and safety of the cargo during transportation.

Fixed gooseneck styles are more robust and more durable. The gooseneck is specified and better suited for tasks requiring more structural strength.

Hydraulic Removable gooseneck style of lowboy trailer

The Removable Gooseneck Low-bed trailer is a unique design. It has a low plate with a gooseneck, which is removable. We call it front loading type. There is a small ladder designed on the working board near the gooseneck. The control of the hydraulic system removes the gooseneck when loading the products. In this case, the ladder of the working board can be lying on the ground. It can significantly reduce the height of loading and unloading and minimize the risk of overturning. The whole removable gooseneck low-bed trailer usually uses high-strength steel. The material and thickness of the steel depend on the load need of the loaded cargo. And the design of its hydraulic system is also the highlight of the whole vehicle.

Features of hydraulic removable gooseneck style

The hydraulic removable gooseneck style allows for more effortless loading and unloading of mechanical equipment. Provides greater flexibility for transporting equipment. Enable the work plate as a flatbed semi-trailer, where people can load and unload the large machinery and equipment from the front.

The detachable gooseneck style has a removable and adjustable gooseneck. It can be adapted to pull loads of different heights.

Detachable gooseneck semi-trailers have a more complex design, so the cost of the vehicle and maintenance is slightly higher.

Removable gooseneck-style lowboy trailers are usually connected with a tractor-head. It can increase the carrying capacity of the front of the semi-trailer. The gooseneck length is either adjustable, or the position of the towing pins can be adjusted to increase the carrying capacity.

Hydraulic Folding gooseneck style of lowboy trailer

The Hydraulic system will control the front gooseneck to make it lay flat on the ground. This type also belongs to the kind of front-end unloading.

Features of hydraulic folding gooseneck style

Hydraulic detachable folding gooseneck of lowboy trailer load is more flexible. The Hydraulic system will control the front gooseneck to make it flat on the ground. This type also belongs to the kind of front-end unloading. It is convenient for the loading and unloading large machinery.

The hydraulic detachable folding gooseneck of a lowboy trailer is more robust and durable. And the structure is more stable. In addition, to avoid the goods in the loading or unloading of some of the potential problems arising from the time.

Application-specific scenarios for lowboy trailer

People usually use the lowboy semi-trailers in the transportation of large machinery, heavy machinery and equipment in the field of transportation. For example, the construction industry, machinery manufacturing, energy and power industry. And other fields in various areas of the transportation process play a significant role.