What is a Side Tipper Trailer?

A Dump Tipper Trailer is a semi-trailer for loading and unloading goods, with a hydraulic system installed to unload goods quickly. Dump Tipper Semi-trailer is a type of semi-trailer where the chassis and box are connected. It must be with precise cutting construction and welding techniques to ensure the strength and stability of the semi-trailer. Different tipper trucks carry cargoes ranging from 30 tons to 100 tons.

According to the design, the Dump Tipper Semi-trailer is divided into different types: end dump tipper trailer, side dump tipper trailer, crawler type dump tipper trailer, etc. Among them, the side dump tipper trailer is a particular type of dump trailer; its structural design principle is that the bottom of the box body is equipped with several lifting structures, that is, the bottom of the box body is equipped with several hydraulic cylinders, driven by the engine to drive the hydraulic mechanism, going raising agencies to complete the tilting to unloading the cargo purpose.

The side tipper trailer mainly comprises a semi-trailer chassis, box body, brake system, hydraulic system and air control system. The size of the whole vehicle, as well as the brand of the travelling equipment, can be customized.

Side discharge semi-trailers can be divided into skeleton container type and box type according to the structure of the chassis. The structure is different, but the purpose of the design is the same, can achieve the purpose of rapid unloading.

Side Tipper Trailers are mainly used to transport construction materials, ores, coal, and other goods. The particular design structure has many characteristics, has a larger carrying capacity, lower transportation costs, and is more suitable for long-distance transportation characteristics.

What is the design principle of a side tipper trailer?

Side Tipper semi-trailer is mainly equipped with several hydraulic cylinders in the bottom of the box body. Through the engine-driven hydraulic mechanism, they are driving the lifting mechanism to complete the tilt to achieve the purpose of unloading.

Hydraulic system: Hydraulic system is a power transmission system that utilizes liquid to transmit force and energy. It is composed of hydraulic pumps, valves, actuators, etc. It realizes the movement of mechanical equipment by controlling the flow of liquid. The side-tipping dump hydraulic system is a standard hydraulic system mainly used for large dump side-tipping operations. Each valve in the hydraulic system is opened or closed manually using an operating device such as a handle or button. Due to the differential pressure, the piston starts to push downward. At the same time, the liquid at the bottom end is discharged into the low-pressure oil circuit through the reversing valve. The tipper starts to tilt, and the material is dumped out.

Control system: the opening and closing of the control valve is operated by controlling the hydraulic system. Usually, control valves are manual and electromagnetic control valves to realize the hydraulic cylinder lifting to achieve the purpose of stable unloading.

Principle of operation:

.The control unit activates the hydraulic system.

.The hydraulic cylinders start to tilt to one side.

.The cargo is unloaded from the side of the container to the desired position.

After the unloading, we stop the hydraulic system and return the container to the horizontal position.

What are the main components of a side tipper trailer?

The side tipper trailer mainly comprises a semi-trailer chassis, box body, braking system, hydraulic system, air control system and other parts.

Side Tipper Semi-trailer chassis: the chassis is the main component structure of the side tipper trailer and is also responsible for the cargo-carrying part of the whole trailer. Thus, the chassis is mainly made of high-strength steel. High-strength steel has more strength and tensile strength than ordinary steel. It is characterized by corrosion resistance and plasticity.

Side Dump Tipper Trailer compartments: the box is usually constructed of solid steel to withstand heavy cargo loads. So, the box body must ensure that it is strong enough. Since the box body needs to be tipped to one side, the box will be designed with leak-proof features, preventing cargo from leaking during the unloading process. The box body will be designed with locking hooks and bars to reinforce the box to avoid the risk of cargo leakage during transportation.

Walking equipment of side dump semi-trailer: Considering the stability of the dump truck in the process of unloading, the walking equipment also needs stability. There are many brands of axles to choose from, such as Hande axles, Fuhua axles, BPW axles, local brand axles, etc., which can be customized according to the requirements of different tonnages of different axles. The axle will have a lifting function according to the diverse needs of the dump tipper trailer; after lifting, it can reduce the weight of the semi-trailer and fuel consumption. There are two types of suspension, mechanical and air suspensions, to suit different transportation needs and road conditions. Mechanical suspension is simple, durable and low maintenance. In contrast, air suspension is smoother, reduces road vibration and bumps, reduces wear and tear on the semi-trailer and cargo, and prolongs the service life.

Advanced safety features: Equipped with dual-line pneumatic brakes, stability control, ABS and other safety features that improve the trailer’s ability to handle complex road conditions and ensure safe transportation.

What are the styles of side tipper semi-trailers?

Side dump tipper trailer can be divided into skeleton container type and box type structure according to the design of the chassis.

Side dump tipper trailer skeleton type: it is usually a frame welded by longitudinal beams, cross beams and front and rear end beams, which can be used for mounting containers. Its box structure is generally open and more suitable for transporting non-sensitive goods, such as coal.

Side dump tipper trailer Box type: Box-type tipper trucks have a closed box structure to protect the cargo from the external environment. It is more suitable for transporting sensitive goods, such as grain.

What are the application scenarios for side dump semi-trailers?

Side Dump Tipper semi-trailers can be applied to different fields according to different designs, such as construction, coal, mining, waste treatment, road maintenance and other industries; Dump tipper semi-trailers have multiple advantages, and their application fields are very wide, covering a variety of industries and fields, and they play a very important role in the transportation process in various fields.

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