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B Train Trailer

A B Train Trailer, also known as a B-double, is a truck-trailer combination. It usually consists of two trailers connected through a fifth-wheel coupling and towed by a tractor unit.

This Train Trailer consists of two trailers, one of which is attached to the tractor and the other trailer is attached to the first trailer. This dual-trailer configuration increases carrying capacity, allowing more cargo to be transported simultaneously. The connection between trailers is usually achieved through a fifth-wheel hitch, a mechanical coupling device used to connect the trailer to the tractor. This type of connection allows the trailer to follow the tow vehicle freely. This trailer is a common cargo carrier whose design and performance features suit various cargo and environments.


This type of trailer can be used for transporting a variety of cargo, including general cargo, refrigerated cargo, powders, liquids, and various other cargoes. They are widely used in many areas of cargo transportation.

Suitable for different types of roads and environments

B Train Trailer can adapt to different types of roads, including highways, rural roads and urban roads. They perform competently in different geographical and climatic conditions.

High carrying capacity

Thanks to its two trailers, the B Train Trailer is able to transport more cargo, providing a higher carrying capacity. This is very useful in long-distance transportation and transportation of large quantities of goods.

Transport efficiency

Due to its high carrying capacity, the B Train Trailer can reduce the number of transports required, thereby increasing transport efficiency. This also has a positive impact on reducing fuel consumption and transportation costs.