How much do you know about the fence trailer?

The fence trailer is a semi-trailer designed with a fence structure in the load area. It’s also the most common type of trailer in China. The fence trailer has a large loading capacity, easy dismantling, low investment cost and high professionalism.


The fence trailer can haul simple goods, such as vegetables, fruits, clothes, electrical appliances, and other household goods. For electric power engineering, communication engineering also plays a massive role for small equipment on the project. All with the warehouse grating semi-trailer to transport.


Under the dual impetus of social and economic factors, fence trailers have become the primary tool for dry cargo transport. But the products of many informal manufacturers are made in a shoddy manner. It’s difficult for users to get a due guarantee of quality and service and to ensure the safety of vehicle operation. With the development of science, the fence trailer faces the challenge of technological upgrading and others.


This article takes you to explore the fence trailers and learn more about their advantages. Road transport professionals and interested parties alike can benefit from this. Let’s start to get a deeper understanding of the critical role of these huge means of transport in modern society.

What are the technical characteristics of the fence trailer?

Firstly, the fence structure design process combined with the user’s cargo category, the design is reasonable. The structure is simple and easy to disassemble, which reduces the user’s investment cost and creates more profit value.


Secondly, the frame design adopts longitudinal and penetrating beams welded into a space frame structure. It can balance the frame’s strength, stiffness and toughness to ensure the fence semi trailer has a solid load-bearing capacity and does not undergo permanent deformation.


Besides, The fence semi trailer frames are all through-beam structures. Longitudinal beams are flat or gooseneck type. The height of the web is from 400 to 500, the longitudinal beam welding has automatic submerged arc welding, and the crossbeam is penetrated by the longitudinal beam and welded as a whole.

Finally, it adopts the latest suspension system, which has high strength and impact resistance. The axle has a balancing loading capacity on all axles, and the system ties rod angles are well designed.


The warehouse compartment has a beautiful shape and reasonable internal structure in appearance—advanced technical process, using high-quality steel as the skeleton, welded following industry standards.

What about the development of fence trailer?

The rapid development of warehouse semi-trailers began at the beginning of this century. With the advancement of globalization, the demand for lightweight models in the transport market has become more urgent.


Compared with the van semi-trailer, the tare weight of the fence semi trailer is 2~3t lighter. So, it gradually replaces the van semitrailer in some fields, such as coal transport, agricultural by-products and others.


The fence Semitrailers with flexible, versatile and multi-functional characteristics have significantly developed. In particular, with the rise of many specialized cargoes such as less-than-truckload (LTL) and express shipments, the number of freight transported by warehouse semitrailers has continuously increased.


Overall, the number of cargoes transported by warehouse semitrailers has continuously increased.

What is the technical status of the fence trailers?

After nearly a decade of rapid development, there are more and more types and structures of fence trailers. The fence has evolved from a single door opening to various openings to adapt to different cargo transport.


In the semi-trailer manufacture, The fence semi-trailer includes straight beam fence semi-trailers, gooseneck type fence semi-trailers and so on. In particular, the extensive use of high-strength steel materials has significantly reduced the overall quality of the fence semi-trailers.


Single-deck and double-deck fence semi-trailers are more common and are the earliest fence structures. Compared with double-deck warehouse fences, the warehouse fences of single-deck trailers are more accessible to disassemble, but double-deck fence trailers are more robust.

What are the most common application fields of the fence trailers?

First and foremost, fence trailers play a crucial role in road freight transportation. They can transport various goods, including food, construction materials, agricultural products, consumer goods, and chemicals. Whether in urban or rural areas, they are a reliable transport option.


Agriculture also benefits from the use of fence semi-trailers. These semi-trailers can load and transport agricultural products such as grains, hay, vegetables, and fruits. They help facilitate the flow of agricultural products from farms to markets or processing facilities, promoting the circulation of the agricultural supply chain.


Furthermore, some fence trailers have refrigeration units, making them suitable for transporting food and frozen goods, such as meat, dairy products, and frozen foods. They offer a reliable cold chain logistics solution for the food industry.


What should we do to improve the skill level of the fence trailer?

Firstly, research and innovation are crucial. Investment in research and development includes improving the structure, enhancing the durability of materials, and adopting new manufacturing methods.


Secondly, material and manufacturing quality is of paramount importance. High-quality materials and exquisite manufacturing processes are essential to the trailer’s structure. Implementing quality control standards and procedures ensures consistency and performance for each trailer.


The lightweight design can reduce the overall weight of the trailer. It can improve fuel efficiency and reduce the burden on towing vehicles. It helps to decrease operating costs and lower carbon emissions.


Furthermore, strengthening the anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability control systems, and airbags can reduce the risk of accidents. Providing professional training and education for trailer operators to ensure they understand the safe operation and maintenance of the trailer.


Fence trailers have become stars in modern freight transportation. Whether you’re a professional, an engineer, a scholar, or someone interested in the topic, we hope this article deepened your understanding. For more information or to stay updated on industry trends, please visit our website and engage with us. The future of freight transportation is full of innovation, and we will continue to provide relevant information and insights. Thank you for reading!