The Advantages of Using Refrigerator Trailers for Special and Efficient Transportation

The refrigerator trailers belong to a kind of semi-trailer, including fresh and frozen. It mainly comprises a trailer chassis, heat preservation compartment, refrigeration device and accessories. We can equip them with ventilation devices, refrigeration devices, shelves, fixed devices, and so on for different needs.


How much do you know about refrigerated semi-trailers? Let’s decipher the knowledge of refrigerated semi-trailers from its classification, features, process and overview.


Classification: According to product classification, it comprises frozen and refrigerated transportation. According to different applications, there are transportation of food and beverages, medical and health care products, and other products.


Features: Refrigerated trailers can keep many products fresh and active at low temperatures. These products include fruits and vegetables, dairy products and pharmaceuticals. Among these, medicines have higher temperature requirements because many biological reagents can only remain active in a strictly temperature-controlled environment. It creates a higher entry barrier for the refrigerated trailer industry.


Key points of using a refrigerated semi-trailer: A refrigerated semi-trailer especially applies to transporting and preserving temperature-sensitive products. So, the guarantee of temperature is the key to a refrigerated trailer. If people operate not correctly, the goods cannot be reserved well. Its uniqueness makes it necessary to pay attention to the details of its use. It will avoid the risks brought by improper use.

Classification of refrigerated semi-trailers

There are two types of refrigerated trailers: one-piece type and split type. One-piece type means the box body and the frame combine. The split type is the box body splits with the frame. Generally, a 45ft skeleton trailer and refrigerated box combination. Although the two refrigerated semi-trailers differ, their function is the same.


Advantages of refrigerated semi-trailers

The materials used for refrigerator semi trailer all have the advantage of being lightweight and high strength.


Lightweight: The inner and outer skins of the compartments are made of fibreglass. The polyurethane insulation layer is made of lightweight materials.


High strength: All-plastic and fully-closed composite panel. The connection of each panel adopts high-strength, unique rubber and bolts, and the overall compartment has very high power.


Sound insulation: improves chiller life and reduces transportation costs


Good sealing: Ensure the airtightness of the compartment, waterproof, and improve the box’s insulation.


Good waterproof: adopting a waterproof compartment structure with unique materials ensures the compartment never leaks.


Strong adaptability of the skin: it means good resistance to yellowing, corrosion and repairability. The skin’s surface is bright and clean, which can meet the requirements of food hygiene standards.


Good appearance performance: the appearance design is beautiful and generous. The compartments do not need to spray paint the overall surface smooth and flat. The use of stainless steel door lock hardware has a three-dimensional sense of the edge of the wrapped corners of the structure.


Strong versatility: People can attach relevant special attachments. Such as temperature monitoring devices, cargo fixing devices, load hanging devices, heat preservation door curtains and other attachments. The configuration process of these attachments is highly adaptable.

Maintenance and inspection of refrigerator semi trailer

Refrigerated semi-trailers need to adopt the correct operation and maintenance methods to ensure that the storage and transportation of products are in good condition. And can extend the service life of refrigerated semi-trailers.


Correct operation

People need to operate the refrigerated trailers correctly. This way is to ensure the transportation of goods in good condition. Because refrigerated trailers mainly work for temperature-sensitive products. So, temperature assurance is the key to refrigerated trucks. Improper use or operation will result in the goods not being preserved or delivered in perfect condition.

Proper packaging is essential to protect goods

Use non-ventilated boxes for frozen goods and side-wall ventilated boxes for fresh goods. The box must be pressure-resistant since frozen goods are not allowed to have the wind blowing over the surface. Because the wind blowing over the surface of frozen goods will cause the loss of moisture in the goods, leading to a decline in the quality of the goods. Fresh goods, due to their characteristics, the product in the storage and transportation process is still in the breathing state. If not well ventilated, the goods will deteriorate and damage. Thus, ensuring that such goods have good ventilation and air exchange is necessary. Refrigerated semi-trailers’ internal surface maintenance plays an important role in temperature control regulation. Do not make the compartments inside the surface of the ice. If the air humidity is significant, try to package refrigerated products, especially aquatic products packaged sealed to reduce the moisture to the compartment inside the evaporation. This way will reduce the possibility of icing inside the refrigerated trailers.


People need to check the temperature before transportation. We need to guarantee that the temperature needs to be cooled to the required temperature. People use Refrigeration units to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature.


Proper handling: Turn off freezers when doors are open. Keep doors open as quickly as possible; use strip curtains wherever possible when loading and unloading goods. Use dividers to separate dry goods from perishables.


Battery connection ports on refrigerator semi trailer must be secure and non-corrosive.

The electrolyte should be at the full mark. Belts must be in good condition and adjusted to proper expansion. We need to ensure that all electrical control wiring connectors are fastened securely. Wires and connections are free from corrosion, cracks, etc… To ensure the defrost drain is clear, the refrigerated truck coil condenser and evaporator coil should be clean and free of dirt.

Application areas of refrigerator semi trailer

The unique characteristics of refrigerated semi-trailers make them mainly used in the following areas:

  1. large-scale cold chain logistics
  2. large food shopping malls and vegetable farms
  3. supermarket chains, food, dairy products, cold drinks production enterprises and other fields.

The advantages of refrigerated semi-trailers in various transportation industries are outstanding, mainly in the following aspects:

Load quality enhancement; transportation volume enhancement; reasonable acquisition cost; flexible handling

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