Transportation efficiency of removable gooseneck low bed trailer

A low-bed semi-trailer is a type of trailer that has a chassis that allows cargo to be placed at a lower height. Low-bed trailer is used to transport a variety of machinery and equipment, including mining machines, forestry machines, agricultural machines (such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, etc.) and other heavy and oversized objects or steel. Low-bed semi-trailers can be categorized into many types according to their use and design. Removable gooseneck low-bed type is one of the major categories but also one of the most important categories.

The Removable Gooseneck Low-bed trailer is a unique design in that it is a low plate with a gooseneck, which is removable. We call it front loading type. The working board is designed with a small ladder near the gooseneck. The control of the hydraulic system removes the gooseneck when loading the products, in which case the ladder of the working board can be directly lying on the ground. It can significantly reduce the height of loading and unloading and minimize the risk of overturning.

The whole removable gooseneck low-bed trailer is made of high-strength steel, and the material and thickness of the steel depend on the load requirement of the loaded cargo. And the design of its hydraulic system is also the highlight of the whole vehicle.

The walking system of a removable gooseneck low-bed trailer will also differ according to the load of the goods it pulls. For example, the number of axles can be divided into two-axle semi-trailers, three-axle semi-trailers, four-axle semi-trailers and so on according to the demand, and there are many choices of brands of axles. The size of the removable gooseneck flatbed can be designed according to the dimensions of the products to be transported.

Unique Design Advantage of Removable Gooseneck Low-bed Trailer

The low-bed semi-trailer is generally divided into front and end loading types. Ordinary low-bed semi-trailers that is, low-bed trailers with fixed gooseneck. When loading machinery and equipment, usually from the back end of the semi-trailer through the ladder. That is, from the rear wheel frame above the way to move machinery and equipment, then fixed machinery and equipment in the semi-trailer. Due to the high surface of the cargo platform, machinery and equipment from the ladder, this loading method is easy to slip or dump in addition to the back end of the unloading method. Loading and unloading from both sides also have many drawbacks, and the two-end loading and unloading are only applicable to some specific equipment, such as crawler-type self-propelled machinery and equipment. Because of the potential disadvantages of these two types of loading and unloading, the front loading type was created to make up for this problem.

There are two ways to unload for the front end: a collapsible gooseneck and a removable gooseneck method.

After the detachable gooseneck is attached to the front of the tractor, through the control of the hydraulic system, the gooseneck can be removable when transporting large equipment. The equipment can go to the working board directly through the small ladder at the front. The small ladder can reduce the height of the cargo table surface, reduce the risk of overturning, and improve transportation safety. Its gooseneck design makes the contact area between the front end and the carriage more minor, effectively reducing friction, which can be more energy-saving and economical in transportation.

The working plate of the detachable gooseneck low-bed trailer is usually lower than the one of the traditional semi-trailer, which makes the whole working plate with a lower cargo surface. At the same time, it can accommodate the loading and unloading of more oversized and higher cargo. Hydraulic detachable gooseneck low-bed trailers can improve the passability, safety and applicability of low-bed semi-trailers by controlling the hydraulic system. After the gooseneck is detached, it is only the most widely used machinery and equipment transportation tool.

For a removable gooseneck low-bed trailer in the work process, you need to dismantle the front end of the gooseneck. Dismantling the gooseneck needs to be connected to the front of the vehicle, and then through the control of the hydraulic system, after the completion of the dismantling, remove the retaining ring and let it move forward until the retaining call can be connected with the connecting plate so that the pin can be wholly separated from the semi-trailer. This way, after the ladder in the front section of the working plate is dropped, the heavy cargo can be loaded and unloaded from the front end.

High-strength steel design advantages of detachable gooseneck low plates

The working plate of the removable gooseneck low-bed trailer is usually made of solid and durable steel to ensure a specific carrying capacity for transporting goods. Usually, we use high-tensile steel because high-tensile steel has bending resistance and durability. The durability of this steel increases the load capacity of the semi-trailer. It is also more economical, ensuring the strength and stability of the entire semi-trailer.

The hydraulic system of the detachable gooseneck low-bed trailer is one of the highlights of the whole vehicle. And the hydraulic system powers the gooseneck to provide the required power. Nowadays, the way of the gooseneck with its power equipment is widely used. The gooseneck will have its tank power unit to provide power to the gooseneck to realize the removable function of the gooseneck.

Advantages of working system design for detachable gooseneck low-bed trailer

Considering the stability of this type of semi-trailer to transport large machinery, the walking system must also have stability. There are many brands of axles to choose from, such as Hande axles, Fuhua axles, BPW axles, local brand axles, etc., which can be customized according to the requirements of different tonnages of different axles. The axle will have a lifting function according to the diverse needs of the dump tipper trailer; after lifting, it can reduce the weight of the semi-trailer and fuel consumption. There are two types of suspension, mechanical and air suspensions, to suit different transportation needs and road conditions. Automatic rest is simple, durable and low maintenance. In contrast, air suspension is smoother, reduces road vibration and bumps, reduces wear and tear on the semi-trailer and cargo, and prolongs the service life.

Advanced safety features: Equipped with dual-line pneumatic brakes, stability control, ABS and other safety features that improve the trailer’s ability to handle complex road conditions and ensure safe transportation.

Application-specific scenarios for detachable gooseneck low-bed trailer

Detachable gooseneck low-flatbed semi-trailers are mainly used in the transportation of large machinery, heavy machinery and equipment in the field of transportation. For example, the construction industry, machinery manufacturing, energy and power industry and other fields in various areas of the transportation process play a significant role.


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